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A new form for having access to knowledge and information

We present the first self-management digital platform for the agricultural producer.

What is Mauá

The best way of managing your plot of land

At any time and from any place, you can have access to your account, receive quotes and information on markets or the climate, chat with leaders, fix prices, review contracts or request products.

Have access from your phone, tablet or PC..

With Mauá you will be able to:

Manage your current and crop account

Download vouchers

Estimate inputs

Know the details of your contracts

Consult markets and climate

Access exclusive contents

What are the advantages and benefits of this new application?

Mauá is the self-management and intuitive platform that will change the way you relate with us, in a quicker, pragmatically and safer manner.

Easily accessible from any device, you may check your current account, contracts, quotes and other information, in real time.

You will receive the best offers and promotions at the right time and without moving from your house.

At only one click, keep updated on the latest news on markets or the climate of your area.

As part of the Community, you may participate in top-level meetings and events, know the opinion of your colleagues and have access to information that will allow you to better run your business.

Manage your current and crop account

Ask for an estimate of the input you need

Have access to climate and market information


Become a member of our digital community

Participate in exclusive events (conversations, talks, meetings) and find out what other producers think from the interaction with industry leaders.


Mauá, in your cell phone

Undergo this experience of accessing knowledge and information. Wherever you are. Whenever you like.

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Los Grobo Agropecuaria