More than 35 years adding VALUE to agribusinesses.

Our company

In 1984, Adolfo Grobocopatel, created Los Grobo Agropecuaria S.A., a family-owned company, which over the years had his four children as company members. In those years, they were only 5 employees, managing 3,500 ha, with only 1 truck and the offices were run from a garage.

Ten years later, Los Grobo grew crops in almost 70,000 ha, and started to work with the first external professionals and by processes, thus improving quality and company’s productivity. In 2001 it became the first company in the world engaged in extensive agriculture to be ISO 9001.2000 certified.

With offices in Bolsa de Cereales de Buenos Aires and various offices in different cities of the Province of Buenos Aires, they also offered advisory services and brokerage businesses. Throughout the years, Los Grobo consolidated as large producers, stockists and service providers for the agricultural industry. Always working by processes and aiming at ongoing improvement, the Company after 10 years of being ISO certified, received the National Quality Award, the highest recognition a company in Argentina may aim for as regards excellence in comprehensive management.

Today, the Company has evolved and became a modern company based on innovation and with presence in the different areas of the agro-industrial sector, integrated by operational synergies among the different activities conducted and the exploitation of economies of scale.

With integrated service centers, industrial plants and commercial offices in the Provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Cordoba and Entre Ríos, it has expanded not only regionally but also across the chain value over more than 35 years.